Nicaragua Ray Palma


Nicaragua is fast becoming such a place with the development of large hotels, Holiday Inn, Raddison, Hampton Inn and many more large business chains.

Three large passenger cruise ships dock regularly in the beach town of San Juan del Sur. With their commitments joined with unparalleled free market reform and the most attractive tourism-incentive law in all of Latin America you too could realize your dreams.

Nicaragua is peaceful, democratic and undeniably booming! Nicaragua is a nation committed to peace. It's government is democratically elected, has a free market economy and is very eager to attract foreign investment.

If you're looking for an ocean view, there are many large developments with full services available. Prices are still unbelievably low, even for ocean front properties!

After two decades, the money is pouring back into this country along with many Nicaraguans who bring back new skills and capital.

Foreign investors too are recognizing the potential and are buying in. This could be the style of living you've dreamed of! This city, the oldest in the Americas, is being discovered once again and being restored to its original splendor... at treat for sure.